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Applying to MSJC

For a step-by-step admissions checklist based on enrollment status, please select the category that best describes you:

First Time Students

  • First time attending any college.

Returning Students

  • Attended MSJC at least one semester in the past but have missed at least two semesters.

Incoming Transfer Students

  • Never attended MSJC but currently attend or have attended another college/university.

High School Students

  • Currently attend high school and want to take classes at MSJC at the same time.

International Students

  • Currently on a Student Visa (F1/F2).

Non-credit Adult Education Students

  • Free ESL, GED, and Career Courses for adults 18 years of age and older not currently enrolled in high school.

For additional information, please review MSJC's admission criteria.