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ASL Interpretation & Translation

When you learn a new language and culture, you gain access to a whole new world beyond everything that you have ever known. Here at Mt. San Jacinto College, the Department of ASL Interpretation & Translation offers you the unique opportunity to study American Sign Language and Deaf Culture in a full immersion setting! Acquiring a language is not just about learning vocabulary, but about internalizing a way of life. 


Our language acquisition and cultural awareness courses will adequately prepare you to flourish in the Deaf community. Once you have completed the language acquisition series, you are eligible to apply for our Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), which offers a specially designed course sequence in both advanced linguistic and cultural competency development, as well as translation and interpretation competencies. Our program is open to qualified Deaf, Hearing, and Hard-of-Hearing individuals who aspire to become ASL/English interpreters and translators.

The IPP guides students through the processes of understanding the field of interpretation, its history and development over time, and an understanding and mastering of translation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation skill sets. In addition, our program highlights the critical roles of Deaf interpreters in our field and how to most effectively work in Deaf/Hearing interpreting teams. Our degree opportunity provides high-quality American Sign Language instruction and effectively prepares students to become professional interpreters who are competent, ethical and life-long learners. The majority of graduates from our program have successfully transferred to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., CSU Northridge in Northridge, CA, St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, MN, and many more!

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