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Cooperative Work Experience Education Program Faculty Information

The Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program helps students achieve their educational and career goals through internships. This is a unique experience for students because it provides an opportunity to combine classroom education with mentored work experience.

Community College Benefits:

  • Strengthens the relationship between the college and the business community
  • Interaction of student-instructor-employer provides valuable input concerning labor market trends and implications for curriculum
  • Student success and a skilled workforce benefit the college and community

The college provides organization, coordination, and program supervision. A faculty advisor is required to counsel the student during the semester and visit the employer. The faculty advisor works closely with the student to identify three learning objectives that relate to the student's career goals to be accomplished by the end of the semester. The faculty advisor determines the student's grade based on feedback from the employer and student performance.

Faculty Advisor Requirements:

STEP 1: Faculty Advisory Expectations

--> Agree to serve as a faculty advisor for a student during the course of his or her internship.
--> Review and approve the student's internship site. If there are any concerns, please discuss with the student and internship coordinator.

STEP 2: Student Learning Outcomes

--> Work with students to formulate attainable, measurable learning outcomes and complete the Training Plan. You must approve the student's learning objectives.
--> Assist student in developing learning objectives that will advance the student's career as well as match the learning outcomes of the student's major.

STEP 3: Communication

--> Maintain contact with the student(s) and site supervisor throughout the duration of the internship.
--> Log all communication between employer, faculty and student on the Faculty and Student Communication Log.

STEP 4: Site Visit

--> The faculty advisor will conduct at least one site visit per the Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 55255.
--> The site visit provides the opportunity for the faculty advisor and work supervisor to meet in person to discuss the student’s progress during the semester.
--> The student does not need to be present when the visit occurs.

STEP 5: Assignments

--> Clearly outline student assignments.
--> Students must meet with the Faculty Advisor to discuss and review their internship experience. It is recommended that you meet with your internship students in a group. Peer review and sharing the experience is a valuable learning tool and facilitates continued learning.
--> Review and sign each student’s timesheet at the end of each month. Track student’s number of hours and report back to student on their progress of completing the required number of hours. Keep original timesheet to submit to CWEE office at the end of the semester.
--> Students are required to write a one page (minimum) essay as part of their internship. The essay must be submitted with all final paperwork.
--> The faculty advisor is responsible for collecting and submitting all documents to the CWEE office.

STEP 6: Evaluation

--> Ensure that all students complete the Student Final Self-Evaluation of the Learning Objectives. This assignment should be turned in with the required one page essay outlining their internship experience.
--> The student and site supervisor will also need to complete the Employer Evaluation of student and submit to you.

STEP 7: Submission of Paperwork

--> Submit all required paperwork to the CWEE office before the end of the semester. It is the responsibility of the faculty advisor to collect and submit all paperwork to the CWEE office. NOTE: The CWEE office will not accept any of the required paperwork from students.
--> All documents must be originals.

STEP 8: Final Grade

--> Verify student enrollment, evaluate student performance and determine if credit should be granted and submit a final grade.
--> Final grades should not be submitted until you have received all paperwork and signatures by the student.

Faculty Advisor Forms:

Faculty Advisor Requirements Checklist

Faculty and Student Communication Log

Faculty Advisor Checklist

CWEE Handbook​