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Cooperative Work Experience Education Program Student Information

The Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program helps students achieve their educational and career goals through internships. This is a unique experience for students because it provides an opportunity to combine classroom education with mentored work experience.

Student Benefits:

  • Receive college credit for on-the-job experiences (paid or unpaid)
  • Add valuable on-the-job experience to resume
  • Learn and improve employment skills under actual working conditions
  • Apply classroom theory to real job experiences
  • Develop a better understanding of core job functions in the selected industry
  • Develop a better understanding of human relations in the workplace
  • Network with professionals

There are two types of Work Experience Programs:

  • Cooperative Work Experience (formerly Occupational Internship) is supervised employment extending classroom-based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the students' educational or occupational goal (Title 5 section 55252). This program provides supervised work experience at a job site that is directly related to the student’s career goal, and along with other on-campus lecture and laboratory courses, is an integral part of the student’s major.

*Students may earn a maximum of (8) semester credit hours during one enrollment period.

  • General Work Experience is supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes, and career awareness. This program is designed to help students develop career and workplace awareness and need not be related to the students’ educational goals (Title 5 section 55252).

*Students may earn up to (6) units maximum of general work experience education during one enrollment period.

*Students may earn a maximum of (16) semester units for all types of CWEE (Title 5 section 55253).

*Students earn one unit per 60 hours of unpaid work experience or one unit per 75 hours of paid work experience.

Student Forms:

CWEE Handbook

CWEE Registration Checklist

Steps to CWEE Student Success

Performance Record Timesheets

Student Final Self Evaluation

Employer Evaluation of Student