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Latania Mont

Associate Instructor
Department: Art



Tania Jazz Mont


Teaches intro to drawing at MSJC.

My art is done with a purposeful anti-design. Sometimes my figures are characters, comedic stand-ins for people or animals, and other times they become just a series of marks. What kind of bizarre dialogue will ensue? I am after the essence of my figures, rather than their replicas. I thought about how the animals around me have been affected by Covid-19, and so I decided to create a triptych. Donkeys live up in the hills. Because of the onslaught of CA wildfires though, many donkeys have been coming down into the city looking for food and water. I wanted to capture the experience with humor, but this is far from laughable. I then chose to paint my pig, Britney, and cat, Debbie, whom I adore, and walked a fine line of poignancy without being too sentimental. Britney is simply asking for folks to stop calling cops, pigs. It's insulting, especially with all of the police brutality happening. Britney and I support #BLM completely. Debbie has developed an annoyance with my zoom lectures and online teaching. My cat is definitely happy I am home more, but confused as to why I wouldn't want to spend the extra time with him.