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In business, there are three main “languages” – accounting, finance, and economics. Economics is the core principle and terminology behind accounting and finance that drive decisions across businesses, governments, organizations, consumer household markets, and global economies. Economics is fundamentally changing interactions between consumers, businesses, organizations and governments throughout the world.

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The mission of the Economics program is to acquaint students with economic aspects of critical thinking and logical analysis, mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning through communication and composition, problem-based learning, and the study of business and economic literature.

These skills provide the fundamental foundation for academic and career pathway success. The economics curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and environmental economics; as related to politics and history, business and markets, governments and global economies, as well as social and cultural institutions. The Economics pathway program is intended for students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or for a business occupational area of his/her own choice. Transfer students may earn an Associate degree in Economics for Transfer. This degree pathway is designed to accommodate the differing requirements for a wide variety of transfer institutions and provide a guided pathway to achieve transfer goals and career success.

An economics degree will boost student employability in many areas, regardless of the industry. There is a strong demand for highly numerate graduates throughout the global labor market. The widely transferable analytical and problem-solving skills developed by economics students mean that careers in economics are extremely wide-ranging and diverse.

Economic majors may pursue diverse career paths. Popular undergraduate majors related to the field of Economics include Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Economics, Environmental Studies, International Business, Management, Marketing, Public Administration, along with an array of career opportunities, both in government, private, and international sectors. For individuals currently working within these fields, there may be potential for salary and/or career advancement.

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