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Enterprise Resource & Innovation Center (ERIC)

Original Concepts that lead to Innovation and Success!


Accelerate the development of MSJC top student, alumni and regional entrepreneurs through experiential education, mentorship, resources, focus and community; and maximize the entrepreneur’s chance for success.


Innovation | Diversity | Collaboration | Respect | Integrity | Sustainability | Excellence

In the Lexicon of all great achievements there is no I only a we

  • A lack of economic and business growth and development in the “Pass” area.
  • Many startup companies are launched by aspiring entrepreneurs who have had no previous experience, possibly even little exposure to a mature business environment. 
  • The enterprises often lack adequate planning, market assessment, marketing, and product or service commercialization strategy. 
  • Entrepreneurs often have little access to financial products and services, little training in project management, and are unaware of basic business practices. They frequently are unaware of the people, networks and support programs that could be of assistance.

A Business incubator/resource/innovation center for area and MSJC student entrepreneurs that offers:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Platform to exchange and share experiences
  • Support in searching for funding
  • Network of Experts

A key element in the development of an entrepreneur is their exposure to other professionals. This can be in the form of employment opportunities where they are exposed to best practices in business, but more often this experience comes from a mentoring relationship between an accomplished professional and a bright, ambitious entrepreneur; sharing ideas, techniques, visions, or feedback. These relationships can frequently reveal funding opportunities and/or business contracts.

Join Us

Please use this Lean Business Plan Template to tell us about your idea, concept, or product and/or service that you are interested in starting with the ERIC. Please be brief, no more than ten pages maximum.  Remember Elon Musk started TESLA with a business plan that was exactly one page long. 

Contact for Submission

Email your completed Lean Business Plan to Dr. Ralph B. Berry III at