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How to Create Your Educational PATH

How to Register for Classes

How to Filter Classes Already Planned

How to Add Authorizations

Counseling Services

How to Access Your Educational Plan and Meet with a Counselor

During a First-Semester Planning Session you will learn about resources, success tools, identify your next steps, complete a First-Semester Survey that will help in creating your first semester educational plan and identify the math/English course that is right for you.


Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Making an hour-long appointment with a counselor is important for students to schedule at least once a semester. Schedule your appointment TODAY! 

Access a Counseling Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is the first step to meeting with a counselor, however, making sure you access the appointment on the day of is equally as important.

Access the General Counseling Lobby

Use the lobby to connect with counseling staff within a 15-minute time frame.

Prepare for Your Learning Journey