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MSJC Offers New Major in Social Justice Studies

Want to change the world? There's a major for that! Social Justice Studies focuses on understanding the different ways power and privilege work in our society in order to create a better world.

As an interdisciplinary major, we combine approaches from political science, sociology, psychology, and history, along with studying art, literature, and popular culture to understand the struggles that people face and to begin thinking about how to help make them better.

By examining race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, national origin, and (dis)ability, as well as how these parts of who we are intersect to create individual identities, we are to focus on how to help people and fight for what is right.

social justice studies at MSJC

This major is perfect for any student looking to transfer into programs in race/ethnic studies, Black or African American studies, Latinx/Chicanx studies, Asian/Asian American studies, gender and sexuality studies, LGBTQ+/queer studies, or fields like sociology, history, political science, psychology, English, or cultural studies.

For more information make a counseling appointment or contact professor Anjeanette Oberg or Ryan Sullivan at or