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The Talon | Official Student Newspaper of MSJC

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About The Talon

We are a platform for over 18,000 MSJC students and the community to promote a diverse student voice, involvement from the college, and creative collaborations to:

  • Report on important issues concerning MSJC, and the students that attend the institution to better connect the student with the institution

  • Promote awareness of activities that occur on campus and throughout the community MSJC serves

  • Inform MSJC students of events and information critical to success in higher education 

  • Create a venue for the student voice which fairly represents the diversity of students that attend MSJC in an ethical manner

  • Support academic freedom for legitimate intellectual viewpoints in academia and the culture as a whole

  • Support MSJC students with communication/journalism/English/multimedia focused workshops, lectures, competitions, and scholarships

  • Create a forum where students can network with others with similar interests, gain experience in writing and community involvement, and understand the education system​

Contact Us

Email the Talon staff at​