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A Continuing Student is a student who has not missed any semesters and has continuous coursework.
  • Continuing students do not need to re-apply, a Registration Appointment will be automatically posted to the Student Eagle Advisor page in the account.  Students must verify their education goal, program of study and transfer information if applicable each semester prior to registration, except those students who have a pending graduation application.
A Returning Student is a student who has missed one or more semesters.  All returning students need to verify their educational goal, program of study and transfer information if applicable prior to registration. 
  • Returning students who have missed one primary semester (Fall/Spring) do not need to re-apply and will automatically be given a registration appointment.
  • Returning students who have missed more than one semester will need to re-apply for admissions.  Submit an application for the semester you wish to attend.
    • Application is required to receive a Registration Appointment.
    • Returning students do not need to repeat the Orientation or Assessment.
Note: Applications can take up to 24 hours to process; please allow enough time for a registration appointment to post to your account.