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Web Accessibility Complaint and Resolution Process

Mt. San Jacinto College is committed to making its online applications accessible to individuals of all abilities. To that end, Mt. San Jacinto College seeks to develop websites and web applications to be in compliance with California Government Code 7405 that specifies conformance with the standards set forth in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Accessibility Page

Websites and web applications managed by Mt. San Jacinto College will include a hyperlink in the footer of the application titled "Accessibility." Information on this page will describe the following:

  • Commitment to accessibility for individuals with disabilities
  • How to Report an Issue, including Email, Phone, and Mailing Address

Complaint Investigation ​and Resolution Process

If an individual with a disability encounters an issue with a website or web application developed or owned by Mt. San Jacinto College, that individual may report the barrier via phone, email, or to the listed mailing address. Once a report is made, the following steps are taken:

  • Phone messages and physical mail identifying an accessibility issue with a Mt. San Jacinto College developed or owned website or web application will be submitted to the Web Coordinator.
  • Email messages sent to the address will be directed to the Web Coordinator.
  • Upon receipt of an accessibility complaint or barrier reporting, the Web Coordinator will:
  • Create a ticket for the specific product and accessibility issue reported, including date received;
  • Investigate the issue and provide a preliminary response to the reporting individual within 48 business hours of receiving the complaint.
  • If an accessibility issue is discovered within the context of the supported assistive technologies and Information and Communication Technology applications at the college, the Web Coordinator will, in consultation with the ADA Coordinator and appropriate staff:
  • Define the existing accessibility issue within the ticket and acceptance criteria necessary to resolve the issue;
  • Specify the level of priority for resolving the accessibility issue and identify a timeline for resolution.
  • Following the creation of the accessibility ticket, the Web Coordinator will respond to the reporting individual, if appropriate, and inform the individual as to the timeline for resolution.
  • The Web Coordinator will communicate with the reporting individual to determine if an alternate access solution is necessary while the accessibility issue is resolved.
  • Following the resolution and/or conclusion of the accessibility issue, the Web Coordinator will identify in the ticket the date at which the accessibility issue was completed.

Updated: June 2018​