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Business Services Department Team Members


Title Name Phone Number
VP of Business Services Vacant  
Executive Assistant to VP Jennifer Marrs 951-487-3011
Administrative Associate III  Gloria Avila 951-222-7340
Dean, Administrative Services/Controller  Gail Jensen 951-487-3040
Financial Analyst SEA Riana Seto 951-346-2581
Administrative Associate III  Valerie Suzuki 951-222-7342
Director of Budget and Accounting Stacy Kimbrough 951-487-3046
Accountant (Bond) Venita Durgin 951-465-8259
Accountant (Categorical) Kim Haldeman 951-346-2810
Accountant (Categorical) Tatyana Dmitriyeva  951-465-8251
Accountant (General Fund) Vacant  
Payroll Services Coordinator Selene Thornton 951-801-6862
Payroll Technician IV Mayra Gutierrez 951-394-3092
Payroll Technician IV Michelle Shurtz 951-405-3611
Payroll Technician IV Yvette Broussard 951-542-1024
Director of Fiscal Services Elizabeth Worthington 951-344-6012
Accountant David Schatz 951-801-6877
Accounting Assistant IV Alicia Campbell 951-405-4729
Accounting Assistant IV Chastity Jenkins 951-801-6850
Accounting Assistant IV Melissa Ochoa 951-801-6851
Subsidiary Accounting Assistant IV Joselyn Ruffin 951-801-6876
Accounting Assistant III (AR) Maria Hernandez 951-346-2956
Accounting Assistant III (AR) Vacant  
Accounting Assistant / Cashier (TVC) Jacob Porper 951-405-1641
Accounting Assistant / Cashier (MVC) Lora Vasquez 951-344-4663
Accounting Assistant / Cashier (SJC) Tracie Owen 951-801-6875
Business Services Main Office Number   951-465-7939
Business Services Fax Number   951-654-6236
VP of Business Services Vacant  
Executive Assistant to VP Jennifer Marrs 951-487-3011
Administrative Associate III Gloria Avila 951-222-7340
Associate Dean of Support Services Ann Jensen 951-487-3131
Director of Regulatory Compliance Nicole Pina 951-801-4413
Contract Coordinator Lynette Riley 951-329-5037
Contract Coordinator Alysse Itatani 951-487-3132
Director of Café  Vacant  
Food Services Supervisor Christopher Hurtado 951-405-2324
Catering Services Coordinator Mandie Domenigoni 951-222-7344
Café Assistant Ella Valentine  
Café Assistant Rachel Gomez  
Café Assistant (SJC) Roxana Lovato  
Café Assistant Lina Son  
Café Assistant Saira Paz  
Café Assistant Brenda Castelan Gomez  
Café Assistant Vacant, PT  
Café Assistant Vacant, PT   
Café Assistant Vacant, FT  
Director of Procurement & General Services Justin Naish (Interim) 951-487-3192
Procurement & General Services Supervisor Vacant  
Buyer Kenneth Dupre 951-487-3115
Buyer Vacant  
Bookstore Supervisor Vacant  
Textbook Coordinator Vacant  
Support Service Assistant II  Vacant  
Support Service Assistant II Patti Ward 951-639-5133
General Services Technician (MVC) Aristeo Ledesma 951-487-3112
General Services Technician (MVC) Gilberto Ambriz 951-639-5131
General Services Technician (TVC) David Franco 951-639-5135
General Services Technician (TVC) Carlos Cerda 951-639-5112
General Services Technician (SJC) Christian Tercero 951-487-3113
Print Shop Supervisor Karl Melzer 951-487-3120
Senior General Services Technician Myron Anderson 951-487-3124
Graphic Arts Technician Rony Armas 951-487-3123
Print Shop Technician IV Vacant