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Language is power. In English and Literature, we ask relevant questions to understand how power works and for what purposes. We explore meanings and unearth assumptions by analyzing issues that demand attention, such as race, religion, sex, gender, and class. We delve into fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction to grow, learn how to navigate uncertainty, and build empathy. We offer spaces where you can engage in academic and creative thinking and writing. We do this because we know strong reading, writing, and thinking skills will empower you to be a leader in your community and in a wide range of careers. Most importantly, we strive to help you develop your voice so you can be heard. 

San Jacinto Campus
(951) 487-MSJC (6752)
Andrea Hammock (951) 487-3755

Menifee Valley Campus
(951) 672-MSJC (6752)
Crystal Bryan (951) 639-5652