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Why You Should Major In English


Contrary to what some critics assert, with little to no hard evidence, majoring in English can lead to lucrative and fulfilling careers in academia, technical industries, non-profits, and beyond. In fact, some prominent figures argue that English majors are highly sought out for their critical thinking skills and ability to solve problems creatively. Below are just a few of the articles that demonstrate the market demands and outline the benefits of becoming an English major:


The Best Argument for Studying English? The Employment Numbers by Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic

That 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket by George Anders, Forbes

In Defense Of The ‘Impractical’ English Major by Carolyn Gregoire, Huffing  

Hunting for Soft Skills, Companies Scoop Up English Majors by Nikki Waller

English Majors Earning More Money Now by Jillian Berman, Market Watch

You Actually Learn Some Valuable Skills as an English Major by Alison Griswold, Business Insider

Logitech CEO: "I Love Hiring English Majors" by Vivian Giang, Business Insider

9 Common Misconceptions About English Majors from Dear English Major

Why English Majors Are Just as Important as Engineers by Nancy Colasurdo, Fox Business

Why Hire an English Major? by Michael Ferber, University of New Hampshire