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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MSJC Promise?

The MSJC Promise provides FREE tuition to first-time, full-time college students beginning with the Fall 2019 semester.
To be eligible for the MSJC P​romise, students must meet all of the following criteria:

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on availability of funds.


Is there an income requirement to be eligible for the MSJC Promise?



Is the MSJC Promise the same as the California College Promise Grant?

No. The California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Waiver) is the enrollment fee waiver for eligible students attending California community colleges.
Many California community colleges offer online California College Promise Grant applications through CCCApply. When you use these financial aid online applications, the data you've entered in CCCApply will be transferred automatically, making your financial aid application much easier and faster. 


How will fees be paid if I qualify for the MSJC Promise?


When you register for classes, if you are not eligible for fee waivers such as the California College Promise Grant, you will be required to pay tuition and other fees at the beginning of the semester. Students who meet all eligibility requirements of the MSJC Promise will be reimbursed for tuition fees after successfully completing their courses.   Applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on availability of funds.


How do I apply for the MSJC Promise?

Visit today to learn more and apply.


If I apply, am I guaranteed free tuition?

All applications will be reviewed and considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on availability of funds. Please make sure you meet all requirements and submit your application early.

Your applications will be considered complete and eligible for review based on the following:


What does a “first-time” college student mean?

A first-time college student is anyone who has never attended a college or university and will attend MSJC for the first time.


What does “full-time” mean?

Full-time MSJC Promise students must enroll in at least 12 units per semester in the fall and spring.


What happens if I drop below 12 units?

In order to remain eligible for the MSJC Promise, students must be full-time students. Students with special circumstances can submit a written request to explain why they should be exempt from maintaining a minimum of 12 units.


What is the First Year Experience (FYE) program?

The MSJC First Year Experience program is designed to make sure students smoothly transition into college life. FYE provides students with extra support during their first two semesters so they can successfully complete their basic skills coursework and transferable college-level courses that contribute to their degree.


Can immigrants apply for the MSJC Promise?

Yes, students who are eligible to apply for a California Dream Act Application and meet the AB 540 waiver eligibility criteria can apply for the MSJC Promise.
MSJC will not release any personal information to a third party without permission from the student or by court order.


Does the MSJC Promise cover summer classes?

No, the Promise does not cover fees for summer classes.


What if I still have questions?

For more information, please email or call 951-465-7891.