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Supporting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Mt. San Jacinto College urges everyone to support and protect Americans of Chinese, Asian, or Pacific Islander descent or those who are or are perceived to be of Chinese, Asian, or Pacific Islander descent. This community has experienced a rise in physical violence, bullying, harassment and stereotyping since the pandemic began.

On Tuesday (March 16, 2021), an unspeakable shooting in Atlanta was reported that killed eight people, six of them of Asian descent. We fully acknowledge the impact this act of hate and violence has had on the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, our students, and faculty. Join us as we vow to go beyond words and show your support in a visible way. 

This is the moment to call these events and behaviors what they are: racism. Violence and racist action against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders must stop and we at MSJC can be part of the solution.

This is the moment to consider recommitting your support of the MSJC Equity Pledge. Help us continue to create an institutional environment that vows to eradicate racism, hate and discrimination, particularly for our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters.

This is the moment to learn more about the Asian American and Pacific Islander community by watching documentaries or reading literature about their experience and the politics of racism.

This is a moment to make a donation to the MSJC Foundation to designate financial support specifically for our MSJC Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

Through these various actions, let us show our Asian American and Pacific Islander community that we are committed to eradicating systemic racism and we -- all of us at MSJC -- are rallying to support employees and students who have experienced trauma from this event.

Let’s be clear: Mt. San Jacinto College does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and has a strict non-discrimination policy and procedures. MSJC is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution by dismantling systemic racism. That starts with supporting those who report or are victims of discrimination.  

MSJC urges all employees, students, and the surrounding communities to report hostile behavior and/or language toward people of Asian descent, Chinese Americans, and Pacific Islanders as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and more issues that may surface in the news related to the shootings. 

If we receive reports of discrimination occurring on campuses, in Zoom meetings and/or classes, or during any activity related to college district business, we will take swift and immediate action. That action may lead to the dismissal, removal or expulsion of perpetrators who are proven to have committed such offenses.    

If you experience or have witnessed discrimination of any kind during your experience at MSJC, please immediately contact Jeannine Stokes, Chief Human Resources Officer, at 951-346-2058 or

If you know of someone who needs additional support, please refer them to our Student Health Centers.

Roger W. Schultz, Ph.D.