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Public Records Request

Mt. San Jacinto Community College District
Public Records Procedures

Please note that some records are not available for review because they are confidential pursuant to the Public Records Act or other statutes. Requestors will be notified if the requested information falls in this category.

  1. Direct requests for public information to the Department of Marketing and Public Information. Those requesting information must call 951-487-3060 or 961-487-3061 or e-mail and copied to 
  2. Fill out the form  
  3. REQUEST FOR COPIES: The district has ten (10) calendar days from the request to advise the requestor whether the information can be provided and approximately how long it will take.  The Department of Marketing and Public Information will advise the requestor of the fees for duplicating the documents. 
         Fees: $5.00 for each DVD. Copies are 20 cents a page for 20 or more pages.
  4. REQUEST FOR INSPECTION: If the request requires inspection of documents, the district will contact the requestor to make an appointment with the soonest available time and date for the inspection.

Refer to MSJC Administrative Procedure 3300 for more information.