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Employee Recognition Presentation 2020

Thanks to all who attended MSJC's first ever virtual Employee Recognition Presentation! 

As promised, results from the opportunity drawing are in! The winners are:   

Kathy Ponio 
Erik Ozolins 
Justin Ballou 
Niki Love 
Denise Roberts 
Stacey Searl-Chapin 
Ken Dupree 
Beth Bowles 
Marcus Castellanos   


Special thanks to the MSJC Foundation and CSEA for their generous gift card donations!  

Additionally, congrats again to those of you who were recognized for your years of service, and to our employee and faculty of the year award recipients:  

Associate Faculty of the Year for ​MVC/THEC - Bob Bozonelos 
Full-time Faculty of the Year for SJC/SGP - Dr. Michele Weber  
Full-time Faculty MVC/THEC -Kyle Castro  
Classified Professional of the Year for SJC/SGP - Jenner Pickens 
Classified Professional of the Year for MVC/THEC - Estefany Solis  
Colleague of the Year - Selena Paez-Mendez   
Administrator of the Year - Cheri Naish   

Jacqua Morrison will be in contact with you to coordinate receiving your award.   

Full Recognition and Awards Recording