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Technology Advances in the Eagle MakerSpace


While MSJC students and faculty were off campus in recent years, some highly sophisticated 3D design and printing technologies were added to the Eagle MakerSpace on the Menifee Valley Campus. These additions expand the options that Makers (users of the MakerSpace) have at their disposal when working on their projects. 

3D printer technology has been a mainstay attraction of the Eagle MakerSpace since opening our doors in 2018. The versatility of 3D technology to be applied to both creative and engineering tasks is well known, and MSJC Makers have made full use of these applications. From cosplay and holiday ornaments to rapid prototyping of Engineering designs, 3D printers have provided Makers with the opportunity to design and test their creative concepts. 

In expanding design opportunities for Makers, The MakerSpace, in collaboration with Autodesk, now offers digital design resources with Tinker CAD and Fusion 360 software. With free access to use these computer-aided-drafting (CAD) programs in construction of virtual three-dimensional objects, students creatively convert ideas to objects that can be exported for printing on 3D printers available in the MakerSpace.  

In addition to SolidWorks CAD software used by MSJC Engineering students, the MakerSpace also offers the latest in MakerBot printer software that Makers use to convert their design object into 3D printer directions for physical construction on the new MakerBot Replicator+, Method, and Method X printers. These state-of-the-art 3D printers produce high quality 3D prints using a variety of printing filaments. From traditional PLA plastic to assorted nylon filaments, these new machines expand building options for Makers designing working prototypes and mechanical parts. Construction using nylon carbon fiber is now also possible.