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Welcome (Back) to The Eagle MakerSpace


After taking an unplanned break during the pandemic, The Eagle MakerSpace reopened its doors at the start of the Fall 2021 semester on the Menifee Valley Campus. Geared up with new 3D printing technology and supporting a new design feature for student projects, the MakerSpace continues to innovate and grow.

Serving MSJC students on a limited schedule that accommodates current COVID restrictions on campus, both new and returning students have enjoyed the revitalized MakerSpace. Developing project design ideas using Tinker CAD and Fusion 360 software, students and MSJC staff envision, design, prototype, and create their projects. Some of the projects have been functional solutions to problems (i.e., a hook upon which to hang a horse bridle), while other projects have been fun (original 2D drawings are made into buttons), all projects draw on the creative and problem-solving skills of the Maker. It is also incredibly fun!

Once reopened in the Spring 2022 semester, The Eagle MakerSpace is delighted to welcome individuals new to the in-person environment of MSJC campus life, as well as those returning from the pre-COVID days of operation. Several returning Makers, now students at established universities in the area, have made a point of visiting the MakerSpace and seeing that the MakerSpace has endured the challenges of the past few years. It is this personal investment of Makers that reflects the value that a MakerSpace offers participants.

Curious about what The Eagle MakerSpace can offer you? Please contact us at, then stop by during regular hours and learn about all the possibilities that you can create.