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Changes in the Public Information & Marketing Office


Exciting news: The MSJC needed to build a stronger visual identity, establish brand consistency across the district, and meet new industry standards resulting from the rapid change in the technologies and tools. So, the Public Information & Marketing Office embarked on a brand refresh project for the District and Athletics logos. The refreshed logos were reviewed and supported by Classified Senate and Academic Senate and the Student Government Association, Athletics and Administration. We're proud to report that the MSJC Board of Trustees approved the updated logos in March.

Please delete all old versions and other departmental and program variations of logos and be sure to use the updated logos.

Athletics is the only department authorized to use the refreshed athletics logo in an official capacity, however you are encouraged to visit the MSJC Bookstores for T-shirts, hats and other products with the refreshed District and Athletics logos.

The MSJC Branding Guidelines manual is in the process of being updated but review the summary version that can help inform vendors. 

Please remember BP/AP 3320: The Public Information & Marketing Office must review and approve drafts of products with logo placement before the order can be complete.

Find District letterhead, request forms, documents and information related to Public Information & Marketing on Sharepoint.


The MSJC Public Information & Marketing Office no longer provides graphic design services. The graphic arts technician now reports to the Print Shop. For graphic design services, contact or call 951-487-3120. 

The Communication & Marketing Coordinator position is currently vacant while we work with Human Resources on the recruitment process. The Public Information & Marketing Office will only be able to focus on a very few videos and photos during this time. Please bear with us during this time.