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Update on Student Vaccinations at MSJC

Dear Eagles,  

We know many of you have begun to make plans for your Spring 2022 semester here at MSJC -- and as such, we wanted to provide you with some general updates regarding our new MSJC COVID-19 testing and vaccination policy.  Please closely review the following information as it provides you with a clear outline of what to expect for the rest of this Fall 2021 term as well as what we have planned for the Spring 2022 semester related to this new policy.   


The MSJC Board of Trustees on Aug. 19 voted to approve a COVID-19 vaccine and testing program at MSJC for students, faculty and staff in response to increasing cases of COVID-19 and its variants in our region. During the regular meeting on Sept. 9, the board approved a weekly testing and vaccination policy to be effective November 1, 2021.   


At no time will your enrollment during the Fall 2021 semester be disrupted because of this new policy. You will not be dropped from any of your classes due to the implementation of the new policy. Rather, for the fall semester, the new policy calls for a required weekly testing protocol for all unvaccinated MSJC students physically accessing our district facilities during the current fall semester. The district has secured a company called Virus Geeks to assist with the weekly testing of students. We expect to get more information out to you in the coming weeks regarding the new fall semester testing protocols, so please check your student email account regularly for updates regarding the weekly testing start date.   


As we approach Spring 2022 registration, all students who plan to enroll in an on-campus (face to face) or hybrid class at MSJC must be fully vaccinated, show proof of your vaccination status, and/or be approved for a medical or religious exemption from this requirement. Registration holds will be in place for all on-campus face-to-face or hybrid courses until proof of vaccination status or approval of an exemption has been verified. You will be unable to register for any in-person or hybrid courses until you show proof of your vaccination or exemption status.   

If you intend to enroll in either a face-to-face or hybrid course at MSJC in the Spring 2022 semester, we urge you to quickly schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Our Student Health Centers offer free COVID-19 vaccines. To book an appointment with MSJC to receive your COVID-19 vaccine, please go to, enter your preferred campus ZIP code (Menifee 92584 / San Jacinto 92583) and schedule your reservation date/time.  Please call the Student Health Centers at (951) 465-8371 for more details.   

If you plan to enroll in online courses (only) in the Spring 2022 semester, you are not required to provide proof of vaccination. You will be able to enroll in online courses without having to go through the vaccination or exemption status registration protocols. However, if you have any intention of using or accessing on-campus programs, resources or support services, including but not limited to the library, learning resource center, tutoring, counseling appointments, etc., you must be fully vaccinated and show proof of your vaccination status, and/or be approved for a medical or religious exemption from this requirement.


We are providing a monetary incentive of $250 for any students that take the necessary steps to become fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. In order to receive the incentive, students must provide the college with a copy of their vaccination record no later than November 29, 2021.  Submission of vaccination cards will become available on November 1, 2021. Again, we expect to send out additional information regarding the process to submit and verify your vaccination record in the coming weeks. 


MSJC will provide medical and religious exemptions to the vaccination requirement. If you wish to seek an exemption due to disability, medical condition, or a sincerely held religious belief, MSJC will attempt to provide a reasonable academic adjustment to students by offering distance learning or hybrid learning to the extent practicable and may also consider allowing in-person class attendance with other safety measures in place. Further information on how to submit necessary documentation for an exemption will be sent to your MSJC email address over the next several weeks.  

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we move forward with the vaccination and testing policy. As was indicated, MSJC will provide additional information regarding every element of the new process; however, until we begin to phase in the weekly testing for everyone and vaccination record submissions, we will continue with our current protocols for attendance of face-to-face courses, on-campus services, and extracurricular activities, including athletics. The requirements to wear masks and complete the daily COVID-19 symptom checklist continue to be in place. 

We ask that you please check your MSJC student email account regularly for updates and also visit the following website for any new information related to the COVID-19 testing and vaccine program for students:  


Roger Schultz, Ph.D.