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Estimated Program Expenses for CNA


Required Expenses:​​ Cost:
​Request for Live Scan (Costs depends on where you go) ​$  10.00-$20.00

​CPR Card (American Heart Association/Healthcare Provider)

​$  65.00
Drug Test $  32.00
​Medical History Statement/Examination
(Cost will vary according to physician/personal insurance, etc.) 
​$  Varied
​Photo ID (Obtain from Admission Office) ​$  0
​Uniform Top Only (MSJC Bookstore) ​$  25.00
  Gait Belt 
  Watch with Second Hand
  Small Note Pad
  Pen/Black ink
  Scantrons (full size pink ones)
​$  65.00
​All White Leather Shoes​ ​$  35.00-$55.00
​NURS 085: Theory/Clinical (6 Units) ​$  276.00​
​NURS 084A: Skills Lab (0.5 Unit) ​$    23.00
​Textbooks Required: (FA 2019)
​Nursing Assistants/5th Edition
(A Humanistic Approach to Caregiving)
Pamela J. Carter
ISB #978-1975108502
​$    80.00​
​Course Syllabus ​(Cost determined by Bookstore)
​Policy & Procedure Handbook ​(Cost determined by Bookstore)
​Upon Successful Course Completion:
​Certification Exam Registration Application ​$   100.00
​Approximate cost of CNA Program  $ 932.00


See MSJC’s Schedule of Classes for dates and times on the college website @​

If you have any questions regarding the CNA Program,
please call 951-639-5577 or email