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Instructional Services Division

MSJC’s Instructional Services Division is dedicated to the quality and integrity of all educational programs in the District. We advance the college's vision of transforming learners, transforming communities, and transforming lives by providing programs that are innovative and responsive to all students. The Instructional Services Division provides leadership and instructional support that ensures learner-centered and equity-minded teaching practices and curriculum that promotes academic excellence.

Dr. Jeremy Brown


Vice President, Instruction

​Debbie Grace


​Executive Assistant, Instruction

Tara Pyle


Administrative Associate III, Academic Senate Support / Honors / Special Programs

​Tabitha Lawler


Administrative Associate III, SUCCESS! Pathways​ / Title V

Cheri Naish


Associate ​Dean, Instructional Services

Sheila Piper


Administrative Associate II, Instructional Services

Michole Sarabia


Administrative Associate II, Instructional Services

Rose Patterson


Instructional Support Specialist

​Aileen Calderon


​Curriculum Analyst 

Karla Marquez


Enrollment Specialist​, Concurrent Enrollment

Lyndsey Tone


Articulation Coordinator

Carrie Consalvi


Assoc. Dean, Distance Education & Professional Development



Administrative Associate II, DE & PD

Mayra Gomez


Professional Development Coordinator

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Joyce Johnson


​​Vice President, Career Education, Counseling, Nursing and Allied Health

Christine Abriam


Executive Assistant, Career Education

​Jasmine Port


​Director, Adult & Noncredit Education

Nancy Carr


Clerical Assistant IV, Adult Education (AEBG)

Kimberly Day


​Director, Child Development Center

Nancy Alvarado


Site Supervisor, Child Development Center

​Lisa Campbell


​Director, CalWORKs​ and Basic Needs

Carol Lowery


Administrative Associate I

Daisy Wettstein


Basic Needs Coordinator

Alyssa West


Interim Special Programs Assistant II

Janice Mrkonjic


Director, Community & Contract Education



Administrative Associate II, Contract & Community Education

Avante Simmons


Director, Career Workforce Programs/Strong Workforce

Ariel Rogers

951-639 -5434

Administrative Assistant II, Strong Workforce

Rodnesha Hill


Job Developer/Placement Coordinator

Edward Landeros


Marketing & Media Specialist

Jenny Hughes

951-639 5524

Director, K-12 Partnerships



Aministrative Associate II, K-12 Partnershps

Angela Drumm


Pathways Specialist

Lizabeth Bowles


Outreach Specialist

Citlali Gonzales


Associate Dean, Counseling

Mary Lou Dillard


Director, Counseling

Cynthia Prentice


Administrative Associate III, Counseling

Corrina York


Director of Regional Employer Engagement Career Education

Tonya Burke


Director, Apprenticeship and Work-based Learning



Apprenticeship Workplace Specialist


Dr. Alma Ramirez 951-487-3410​ Dean, Arts, Communication & Design Pathway​
​​​​​​​​Zanya Leovao ​951-487-3421 Administrative Associate III, Arts, Communication, & Design,
Vanessa Valdez ​951-487-3423 Administrative Associate I, Instruction
Leticia Luna-Sims 951-639-5293 Interim Director of Title V, Lantinx and Hispanic Initiatives
Anna Stirling 951-639-5449 Assoc. Dean, Distance Education & Professional Development
Tara Pyle 951-639-5442 Administrative Associate II, DE & PD
Dr. Marilyn Harvey 951-639-5436 Dean, Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship Pathway
Ricky Toth 951-346-2592 Administrative Associate III, Business Technology & Entrepreneurship


Dr. Marilyn Harvey


Dean Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship Pathway

Ricky Toth


Administrative Associate III, Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship

Alyssa Ezrre


Administrative Associate I, Career Education


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Joyce Johnson


​Director of Nursing Program

​​​​Sylvia Butcher


​Administrative Associate II

David Giddings


Administrative Associate II, Nursing & Allied Health Programs

September Cortes


​Associate Degree Nursing Program

Patricia McBee


Program Coordinator, CNA/HHA Program

​James Scholl


​Director, EMS Program

​Tracy Francis


​Director, DMS Program

Giovana M. Rendon (Interim)


Clinical Coordinator, DMS Program

Velma Burrows


Program Coordinator, Medical Assisting

Michael Spaulding


​Program Coordinator, Fire Technology Program

​Krystal Dearman


Special Program Assistant, Nursing



​Instructional Aide II, Nursing & Allied Health 

Travis Mulder

951-639 5576

Instructional Aide II, Nursing & Allied Health​

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Patrick Springer  951-487-3590 Dean, Physical Education & Athletics, Nutrition & Dietetics, Kinesiology
Amber Rogers 951-487-3591 Administrative Associate IV, Department Coordinator


​​Dr. Von Lawson 951-487-3440​ Dean, People, Culture & Public Service Pathway
Monica Saucedo 951-487-3424 Administrative Associate III, People, Culture & Public Service Pathway 
​​​​Marc Donnhauser 951-639-5670​ ​Dean, Science, Math & Engineering
​​Julie Kelly ​951-639-5431 ​Administrative Associate III, Science, Math, & Engineering
​​Veronica Perez ​951-639-5400 ​Administrative Associate I, Instruction
Cheri Hodge 951-888-1598 Director of Instructional Laboratory Operations