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Parking Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a parking permit?


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What are the parking rules on campus?

All sections of the California Vehicle Code are in effect for all moving and parked vehicles on campus, at all times.

Are parking permits required for vehicles parked on the MSJC campuses? 

Yes, all vehicles must be registered through MSJC's third-party vendor, iParq (see log-in instructions below) or bear a valid parking permit that must be clearly visible and properly displayed inside of the vehicle as follows:

  • Clearly visible on the front windshield, or
  • Special permits must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle and clearly visible to a College Campus Safety Officer's.  

How do I obtain a student parking permit?

Semester and daily permits are available.  Semester permits can be obtained by logging into MyMSJC at using your student log-in credentials, then select the iParq icon. 

Once you purchase a semester parking permit, and your vehicle is registered in the permit system, the electronic permit will become valid instantly. Campus Safety Officer's will be able to view your electronic permit via their handheld writers.

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Where is the College Safety Department located?

The Menifee Campus Safety Office is located at Bldg. 2004, the San Jacinto at Bldg. 750, and Temecula in room  TA102. 

What is the phone number of the College Campus Safety Department?

Dispatch (24/7) 951-639-5188

How much is a parking permit?

Fall and Spring semester parking permits are $45.00 per semester for each vehicle. Summer semester parking permits are $25.00. Single-day permits are $2.00. 

What if I park a vehicle on campus without a parking permit?

All vehicles are required to have a valid parking permit.  If your vehicle is not registered in MSJC's third-party vendor, iParq (see log-in instructions above), or if your daily permit is not properly displayed, you are subject to being issued a citation by the MSJC Campus Safety Department.

Can I park in visitor parking spaces?

Only visitors may park in visitor parking spaces. Student and employee parking permits are not valid in visitor spaces.

Can students park in staff parking spaces or staff lots?

No, students (including interns or student workers) are not permitted to park in staff parking spaces or staff parking lots. 

What if I purchase a new car or use another vehicle?

Vehicle information may be updated by logging into MyMSJC at using your student log-in credentials, the select the iParq icon.

When are the parking regulations in effect?

The parking regulations are in effect when classes are in session Monday through Saturday. State traffic laws are in effect at all times.

Where may I park?

A student can park on campus in any student parking lot, except in restricted spaces posted as staff, visitor, disabled or areas marked specifically for the Child Development Education Center, posted: Child Development Education Center Parking ONLY.    

What is the cost for Motorcycles to park on campus?

Motorcycles are assessed at the same cost as a vehicle permit, $45.00 per Fall and Spring semesters and $25.00 for the Summer semester.  Motorcycles must be parked in the spaces specifically marked for motorcycle parking.  Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks.

Can MSJC Campus Safety issue me a parking ticket? 

The Mt. San Jacinto College Campus Safety officers have the authority to issue parking citations where violations occur. 

How do I pay for my parking ticket?

Follow the instructions printed on the back of the parking citation. You may pay the citation online at 

Are students subject to discipline for traffic violations on campus?

Yes, students may be subject to disciplinary action in cases of repeated violations.

 Where do I go to dispute or appeal a citation I don't feel I deserve?

Parking citation appeals can be obtained by logging into MyMSJC at using your student log-in credentials, then select the iParq icon. Forms are available at the College Campus Safety Department offices.  Appeals must be received within 30 calendar days from the original date of issuance of the citation. The criteria for dismissal is limited and generally based on administrative errors.

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How do I get a refund for a parking permit purchase? 

 Parking fee refunds must be requested via email through Parking Services at A processing fee of up to $10 may be assessed for each refund requested.  No Refunds will be made after the second week of instruction. All daily permits are non-refundable.