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PTK Benefits

Several of the PTK membership benefits are explained below. You can learn more about PTK membership and benefits at or by watching the recording of playMSJC's PTK Membership Orientation.

You will get these PTK benefits through MSJC: 

  • Your transcript will have a notation stating that you are a PTK member. This will be visible to transfer schools, scholarship committees, and employers that you send your transcript to. 
  • You will be provided access to the PTK Canvas site at MSJC and you will receive announcements about service, leadership, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities through the Canvas site. 
  • When you graduate from MSJC you will get the opportunity to wear special PTK graduation regalia, your membership will be noted in the graduation program, and you will get to walk at the beginning of the procession of students. 
  • Your diploma from MSJC will include the seal of PTK to signify your membership status. 


student transcript showing membership of PTK

MSJC diploma

There are several additional member benefits offered through the Phi Theta Kappa website: 

PTK officers and advisors