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Become a Puente Mentor

Puente Mentors:

  • Commit to mentor 1-2 students for one academic year (2 semesters).
  • Meet with student(s) for at least 18 hours over the academic year (9 hours per semester).
  • Call student(s) at least once a month to help maintain contact.
  • Help student with mentor related classroom assignments.
  • Acquaint student with own educational and career background and professional expertise.
  • Serve as a positive role model and encourage the achievement of higher education.
  • Support fellow mentors by sharing mentoring experience.
  • Participate in mentor related activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Puente Mentor please contact Cynthia Garcia at and Cynthia Vargas at

Citlaly and Amber

Melanie and Basemeh