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Transition Counseling

This page is dedicated to high school counseling/administrative staff who are interested in having an MSJC Transition Counselor at their high school.

The relationship we have with each High School makes a difference in the lives of students across our district. Our Transition Counseling Team provides high school seniors with college counseling services that will guide them as they transition to MSJC. These services include major exploration, and academic educational plan development.

To better accommodate needs, requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to requested date.

However, approvals are based on counselor availability.

Submission of Request Form is an acknowledgement of the following items:

  • To request a transitional counselor to come to your school (you must be a counselor or community group leader for a high school within the MSJC district).
  • Requests are fulfilled by a counseling supervisor on a first come first served basis, (note: weekends and evenings are limited).
  • If you are unable to fill out all of the information on this form and/or your dates are still tentative, please email to correspond directly with our transitional counselor coordinator.


Submit a Transitional Counselor Support Request