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Public Information and Marketing Office

Contact Us 

For media inquiries, please call: 951-487-3060

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Information & Marketing Office is to provide trusted, transparent and timely information to internal and external audiences that supports the Mt. San Jacinto Community College District’s goals and priorities. 

PIMO achieves this mission by: 

  • Building brand recognition and affinity 
  • Creating relevant content and images that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility 
  • Implementing data-informed marketing strategies 
  • Developing content that is inclusive and engages, informs and inspires action 
  • Keeping audiences – students, employees and residents of our communities – informed of the District’s programs, services, events, and issues that affect them  

Our Team

Andrea Pasolini

Andrea Pasolini 
Director of Public Information, Marketing & Strategic Communications 

Sharon Mungo

Sharon Mungo 
Administrative Associate 

Stephanie Cason

Stephanie Cason 
Web Coordinator

Jesus Velasco

Jesus Velasco 
Marketing & Media Technician