Mt. San Jacinto College Catalog

Ways the MSJC Catalog can help you

  • While this catalog is designed to provide comprehensive information about the programs and services available at Mt. San Jacinto College, students are advised to consult a college counselor in developing their educational plans.
  • When developing your educational plan, carefully read the information given for each course you plan to take. Pay careful attention to the prerequisites. Student registration will be blocked from courses where a prerequisite or corequisite has not been met.
  • General requirements for the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees and for transfer to California State Universities and Colleges can be found in the Degrees, Certificates & Curricula area of this catalog.
  • The front portions of the catalog contain listings of available student services and applicable college rules and regulations, including admissions procedures, matriculation information, services to students, veteran’s information, student activities, and grading policies.
  • Use the Table of Contents or the Index at the back of the catalog to find things quickly.