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EOPS Services

Students admitted into the EOPS program will receive the following services:

1. Academic, Career and Personal Counseling

EOPS counselor(s) are dedicated to offering students the support needed to succeed at MSJC. The counselor(s) are here to assist students with registration, class selection, financial aid questions as well as academic, career and personal counseling. The EOPS counselor(s) are also here to provide transfer assistance to four-year and/or private educational institutions. Hub instructions to schedule an appointment: EOPS/CARE Instructions on How to Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment

2. Career Assessment Testing

Career Assessment testing helps identify students' interests, values, abilities and personality style. If students are not sure what career path to follow, let the EOPS counselor(s) know. The EOPS counselor(s) will provide a career assessment testing fee waiver to students taking a Guidance Course.

3. Tutoring Services

The EOPS/CARE tutoring services are available through the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The LRC also offers computers for academic support and word processing, study skills handouts, term paper packets and other resources.  

4. Priority Registration

Priority Registration is offered to continuing EOPS students.  You must be in the EOPS program for a semester in order to be eligible for Priority Registration.  This is an opportunity to register for Fall and Spring classes before general registration begins and before classes are full.

5. EOPS Book Grant

EOPS provides textbook grants to qualified students to assist with the purchase of their required textbooks. Students will receive an account once enrolled in 12 units (or less if you are utilizing the Accommodation Service Center), attended an EOPS Orientation, and have signed a Mutual Responsibility Contract.

6. Student Government Association (SGA) Sticker/Parking Permit

EOPS covers the cost for an SGA sticker and parking permit for eligible students.

  • SGA sticker will allow students to receive a discount on other campus purchases.
  • Parking permits allows students to park on campus. ​
  • Ticket will be issued if a current permit is not displayed in the vehicle.

7. Transportation Fee

EOPS covers the cost of the transportation fee for all eligible EOPS students. This fee allows the student to use the Riverside Transit Agency(RTA) Bus system during the current semester.

8. University Fee Waivers

EOPS students planning to transfer to a CSU or a UC are eligible to receive an application fee waiver. This will waive the application fees for CSU and UC campuses. Private schools are not included, but if an application fee waiver is needed for those schools, students may speak with the admission office of the campus to which they plan to apply for the free waivers.

9. CalFresh Resources

CalFresh is for low-income people who meet federal income eligibility rules and want to add to their budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table. Students that are currently in the EOPS program may qualify. Please refer to the CalFresh website for further information.

10.CARE Program (based on eligibility)

EOPS students who are single parents with children under 18 years of age, head-of-household, and receiving cash-aid through CalWORKs/TANF are eligible to receive additional assistance through the CARE program. Services may include supplemental child care grants, bus passes or gas cards, auto repair voucher, books and supplies, nursing uniform, and more.  Please ask the CARE coordinator for more information.