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Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling Services are available through our MSJC Student Health Centers. Brief therapy for adjustment to college life, family/relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual assault, harassment, crisis and more.


Fill out and submit your FAFSA on-line. Select this link if you would like to make corrections to a submitted FAFSA, register for a PIN, or contact the U.S. Department of Education.

MSJC Financial Aid
Select this link for instructions on the Financial Aid Application process, to learn about the Satisfactory Progress Policy, important dates, Financial Aid Office hours, and other helpful information and links.

MSJC Admissions
Select this link to learn about MSJC Admission Process, submit an on-line admission application, learn about residency regulations, and registration information.

MSJC Assessment
if you are a new college student, or, would like to be considered for the EOPS Program, you must take the placement/assessment test as part of the registration process. Select this link to find out how to sign up to take the placement test.

MSJC Learning Center
EOPS/CARE students may receive tutorial referrals from the EOPS Office. Simply request one from an EOPS/CARE staff member. Click this link to learn more about MSJC Tutorial Center.

Scholarship Opportunities
Students may apply to scholarships offer through our MSJC foundation.