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FYE Counseling

Our FYE Counselor has the most updated information about the FYE program and specializes in assisting first-year students. Students admitted into the FYE program are encouraged to meet with a counselor at least once a semester to go over their educational plan, transfer requirements, and academic goals.

If you are part of another program (i.e. ASC, EOPS, Umoja, Puente, or Athletics), you can choose to visit those counselors for that specific program by visiting the Student Support Hub at

Schedule an appointment with an FYE Counselor

To prepare for your appointment you will want to have a pencil and paper to write down important information or have a list of questions written down ahead of time to ask a FYE Counselor. Here are some questions you could ask during your appointment:

  • What classes should I take this semester?
  • What classes do I need to take for my major?
  • Will my AP classes from high school count as college credit?
  • How do I prepare to transfer to a 4 year university?
  • Will Financial aid be able to cover the cost?
  • What do I do if I find the workload to be too much?
  • I am undecided on my major, classes can I take?