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Meet your FYE Team

First Year Experience Lead

Hello first year students,

I graduated at Mt. San Jacinto College where I earned my associate degree in political science, and transferred to the University of California, Riverside to earn my bachelor’s degree in political science, along with a minor in history. Come Fall 2023 I will be pursuing my master’s degree in North American History at Arizona State University, online. During my time at MSJC I was a Peer Research Assistant at the Menifee Campus Library; my job was to help students find, utilize, and apply research throughout their classes, and teach students how to go about that process on their own. I absolutely loved the work! Getting to watch students light up when we would find relevant research was the best part of the job. Along with my sister, I am a first-generation college student.

Some advice that I would give first time college students is to use the free resources available to you as an MSJC student, to ensure your success at college even more so! Here at MSJC we have clubs, events, accommodations, tutors, peer workers, athletics and more for free! In addition to the team of FYE Navigators. I look forward to meeting you all!


Raquel Childs 

First Year Experience Navigators


Lorena Dominguez

Hola First Year Experience Students!

MSJC is happy to have you on your educational journey. As a Spanish speaking, late bloomer to higher education, I involved myself in as many free programs such as FYE, Puente, EOPS, and Honors, making my experience memorable. My success as a graduate of many associate degrees at MSJC led me to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona as I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Studies. My future goal is to be a Counselor. I have previously volunteered in many elementary schools in which I then worked as an Instructional Aid.

Today, I am a FYE Navigator in hopes to bring your experience to MSJC to a level of comfort in which you personalize it to be as memorable as mine! Some advice I would give you would be the same advice many friends, professors, students, and great people you meet along the way gave me: attend as many free workshops MSJC has to offer, ask questions, go to events, be involved in a program or club, and meet amazing people. Most of all have fun in your new learning adventure as your dreams and greatness lead your life to higher education.

Si Se Puede!

AlanAlan Castro 


My name is Alan Castro. I transferred from MSJC to UCR to pursue my bachelor's degree in History, with a minor in Ethnic Studies. When I started MSJC, I had no idea what I wanted to do. When I met with a counselor, they created a general Ed Plan for me that would allow me to get an associate and transfer out to a four-year year if I wanted to. Four years later, I am preparing to start my graduate studies in Political Science at UCR. My advice to any MJSC student is to use the resources we offer, feel free to ask the MSJC staff questions, and never underestimate yourself!

RogelioRogelio Herrera 

Hello First Year students,

My name is Rogelio, and I am a Navigator at Mt. San Jacinto College. Let me share a little about my journey. I am a first-generation student, just like many of you. My educational journey started with being recruited by Puente in san DIego at a lowrider show, and since then, I have been working towards my academic goals. My educational journey didn't start here at MSJC, but this is where I obtained my associate degree in Behavioral Sciences. I was also a fellow Puente student during my time here. After MSJC, I took my passion for learning to the University of California, Riverside, where I completed my bachelor's degree in Sociology. At UCR, I was the Puente President and a mentor at Chicano Student Programs. Now, I am at San Diego State University, pursuing my master's degree in Education (counseling) while working as a Navigator and being a mentor for the Puente program here at MSJC. My future goal is to be a counselor at the community college level, continuing to help the many generations that are to come and ensuring their success in their goals. 

I would and have given the advice that the key things that have worked for me have been balance and relaxation. I highly recommend relaxation. I know school and life can be stressful, and at times, we focus on the issues before they start piling up. But we also need to care for ourselves, so I recommend relaxation. We need to make sure we are good to go before conquering academics and life and to continue climbing the steps to our goals. Also, take advantage of all the resources and opportunities that come your way, as you never know what is on the other side. Do with what you can, and don't look back.