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Frequently Asked Questions

FYE Eligibility

Yes! First time college students who are applying to MSJC and students who took dual or concurrent enrollment qualify to be considered an FYE student.

No. Students who accumulated credits at either MSJC or another college in the past and are now returning to MSJC are not considered first-year students.

To learn more about steps you need to complete as a Returning Student, please visit

No. Students are considered transfer students if they are moving their academic transcripts and records from one college to another. This is because the student's academic transcripts show completed college course work.

To learn more about steps you need to complete as a Transfer Student, please visit

Students who are currently in a concurrent or dual enrollment program are asked to graduate from high school. Concurrent or dual enrollment students are still considered high school students in the system until they graduate.

FYE Program

If you would like to stop by to connect with our FYE team, you can stop by the San Jacinto Campus in room 1253 or the Menifee Valley Campus in building 100 (Counseling Department).

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am-5:00pm. 

FYE students are encouraged to meet with a counselor at least once a semester to discuss academic progress and to ensure they are meeting transfer or certificate requirements.

If you are part of another program (i.e. ASC, EOPS, Umoja, Puente, or Athletics), you can choose to visit those counselors for that specific program.

Enter the Counseling Virtual Lobby

FYE Navigators are a wealth of knowledge and can provide tips and tricks to incoming students before and during their first year at college. They will be able to assist students with registering for classes, navigating Canvas, showing students where to buy textbooks, and more!

FYE students are encouraged to meet with their FYE Navigators frequently.


To schedule an appointment with an FYE Navigator, please email to set up a day and time.


Here are some questions you can ask a Navigator:

  • How do I register for classes?
  • What is it like taking an online class?
  • I'm lost. What am I supposed to do next?
  • How do I use Canvas for my classes?
  • What are some programs and services I could benefit from?
  • Where can I buy textbooks?
  • I'm stressed. How can I manage my assignments better?
  • How do I access NetTutor?

Yes, the FYE team has an Instagram. You can follow us for the latest information, @msjcfye


Often, the best approach to this question is to meet with someone who has been in a similar experience. You can meet with a FYE Navigator to talk about the next steps by emailing

You can also visit Enrollment Services > Getting Started.

The MSJC Orientation can be completed online. Complete the quiz at the end of the video. If the video is not completed, then a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from receiving early registration.

Registering for classes can be challenging the first time. FYE Navigators can assist you in registering for classes and make sure everything is in order.

Schedule an appointment with an FYE Navigator by emailing, and they will walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

Students register for classes on Self-Service.

Priority Registration allows students to register at an earlier date and allows students to ensure enrollment for desired MSJC courses.

Your registration date is the earliest date & time that you will be able to register for courses. You will be sent an email (and text message reminder) when you have been assigned a registration date and time for the current or upcoming term.

For more information regarding registration dates, please visit When is my Registration Appointment?

Yes. An educational plan maps out the classes needed for you to complete your educational goal within an attainable timeframe and shows you the classes to register for in upcoming terms.

Students can schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop an educational plan. If you took AP courses in high school, be sure to mention that during your appointment.

If you are having difficulty setting up your MyMSJC account, can't log into Canvas, or your student email, an FYE Navigator will be able to assist you. It is essential that your MyMSJC account is activated to start at MSJC.

Contact us at to connect with an FYE Navigator.

Check your Financial Aid Checklist on Self-Service to ensure all your forms are completed for the MSJC Financial Aid Office.