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Application Information

Associate Degree Nursing Application is only available during the application periods.

Starting Semester Transcript Evaluation Due Application Period

Fall (ADN)

July 1st - December 1st

February 1 - 15

Spring (ADN and LVN-ADN)

April 1st - July 1st

September 1 - 15


Late applications will not be accepted. No exceptions.

Advanced Placement LVN-ADN Applications are accepted only during the Fall Application Period September 1-15.


Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed based on 1) containing all required application documents and 2) the Multi-Criteria Point System to assess your number of earned points.

Applications should include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Nursing Evaluation Eligibility Program Notes: All required documents stated on your Program Notes.
    • A copy of Program Notes for the program you are applying to.
    • Make sure the program evaluated matches the program you are applying to, i.e. “Nursing Non-transfer RN (ADN)” or “Nursing LVN Path Non-transfer AS (LVN to RN).” Example: If you are applying to both the ADN and the LVN-ADN programs you will need Program Notes for each option. 
    • The Program Notes can be found in your MSJC Self Service account under Student Planning by viewing the My Progress tab and clicking on Evaluation and Graduation Results under the heading of Program Notes.
    • If you did not submit a Nursing Evaluation Request by the required deadline you are unable to apply to the program at this time.
    • If your Evaluation Eligibility Program Notes state to submit your high school diploma, GED or equivalent, attach a copy or high school transcript (U.S. accredited or evaluated) showing diploma date with your application.


  1. Proficiency or Advanced Level Coursework in Languages other than English.
    • Two (2) semesters of the same foreign language from a U.S. regionally accredited College or University (must be verified on Program Notes)
    • Identified language is spoken at home (Verification must be provided upon request).
    • Seal of Biliteracy (attach copy with application)


  1. Previous Academic Degrees, Diplomas, Relevant and Current California Licenses or Certificates.
    • Provide a copy of any current licenses and/or certificates that you may have. If you have an LVN license please submit a copy of your license from the Breeze website.
    • LVN – RN Applicants must submit a copy or your license from the Breeze website.


  1. Life Experiences or Special Circumstances: Select and provide proof for one area only from Section 6 on the Multi-Criteria Point System. Attach the corresponding required proof as stated on the Multi-Criteria Point System.


  1. Military: Active, Reserve, Veteran, Guard in good standing. Provide DD214 or equivalent official document based on your area of service.


  1. Work or Volunteer Experience in Health Care: Minimum 100 hours within the last 3 years.
    • Submit either the Work Experience or Volunteer Experience form
      1. Signed by your supervisor, manager, or Human Resources representative
      2. With their contact information stating the number of hours worked and dates of employment.
    • If submitting a letter on company letterhead attach it to the Work or Volunteer Experience form
    • If using for Life Experience or Special Circumstances 6e on Multi-Criteria Point System, check the box at the top of the form. Attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts with prerequisites taken during the time you were working highlighted.


  1. Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS): Submit unofficial ATI TEAS version 7 transcript of your highest passing score (over 62%), showing scores for each category; reading, math, science, and English.
    • If accepted into the program, we will request an official copy at that time.
    • We are currently accepting your highest score, but only TEAS version 7

Submission Process

Applications will only be accepted via email to the email address from 12:01 am on February 1st to 11:59 pm on February 15th.  Subject Line should state Fall 2024 Nursing Program Application.  You will receive an email confirmation of receipt if the subject line states Fall 2024 Nursing Program Application.  We will only be verifying receipt of the email not of any contents within the email or your application.

We will only accept one submission per student, per program, per application period.  Any subsequent submissions during a single application period will not be considered part of your application.


 Notification Process

Students will be notified by email to the email address(es) provided on their application approximately 6-8 weeks after the application period ends.  Applicants not selected for the nursing program may reapply during the next application filing period. No waitlist is maintained.


Acceptance Process

Students Selected to be in the program will be sent an Acceptance Packet outlining next steps and the onboarding process.  Students unable to meet required immunization and background clearances by the specified due dates will be dropped from the program.