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Nursing Education

Faculty members are academically and experientially qualified and maintain expertise appropriate to their teaching, service and scholarly responsibilities. Each faculty member meets the requirements of the California Board of Registered Nursing and the governing organization for his/her discipline.

Each full-time nursing faculty member has a Master's Degree in Nursing from an accredited institution of higher learning. Faculty members prepared at the master's level are responsible for both theoretical and clinical instruction. All faculty members engage in the teaching and supervision of students in the clinical setting, thus keeping current in their field of expertise. Faculty members also participate in professional associations, organizations, and scholarly activities that enrich them personally and professionally. Individual expertise is shared with students and other nursing faculty. Each faculty member has an identified area of expertise and maintains their professional competence by regularly attending discipline-related conferences and seminars, completing advanced coursework at other academic institutions, and/or working per diem in a variety of health care agencies. Adjunct (part-time) faculty are also academically and clinically prepared. Adjunct faculty supervise students in the clinical area, either on a substitute or short-term basis, and work collaboratively with full-time faculty.


Nursing Program Staff



Adjunct Faculty


Health and Wellness Pathway Counselors

Virtual Counseling Appointments

Health and Wellness Pathways Counselors are meeting with students virtually through Cranium Cafe. To schedule an appointment, you must have an active MSJC student account. Click here to apply for admissions to MSJC if you have not already done so.

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One Hour Appointments

To ensure a successful virtual meeting, please use a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome as your web browser.Appointments are scheduled two weeks in advance. Every Monday-Friday morning more appointments become available. It is highly recommended that you check the schedule early in the morning as appointments fill up quickly! Feel free to check back frequently for cancellations.\

15 minute Express Appointments

Virtual Lobby meetings are limited to 15 minutes to serve as many students as possible. Lobby hours are subject to change, please enter the lobby to view daily hours. 

Lobby hours:
We do not currently have lobby hours specific to Nursing and Allied Health, please visit the General Counseling Virtual Lobby and ask for a Health and Wellness Pathway counselor.

Enter the Counseling Virtual Lobby


If you have any questions call the Counseling Department at 951-465-7927 for assistance or email