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EMS Expenses

Student Medical Expenses: (These are all approximate)
Note: The following information must be uploaded into the Immunization Tracker along with any/all lab results.

Items Cost

Castle Branch for Background check at 


Health Fee


Transportation Fee


Student Parking Fee


Physical Statement (included in the application packet)


Proof of COVID-19 (optional), MMR, Varicela, HepB, Tdap, Flu, TB (PPD),

Proof of Current CPR Card (Must be American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Certification)


Healthcare Provider Services Organization (HPSO) Liability Insurance

(included in the application packet)


Tuition: (Expenses are subject to change.) 6 units at $46 per unit


Textbooks Required: Emergency Care 14th Edition" by " EMT-P Limmer, Daniel J., Michael F. O'Keefe, Medical Editor Dickinson, Edward T." It is available in both physical and digital formats.

ISBN10: 0136681166 ISBN 13: 978-0136681168


$100 ebook

Equipment Required: (Approximate Expenses.)

The following equipment must be purchased prior to going out into your field internship.

College Name Tag (First one free, Student ID Card)

No Cost

Medical Equipment Package (Stethescope, Pen Light, Shears, N95 Mask, Eye Protection)


Red MSJC Intern T-Shirt (First day of class - 3 shirts)


Black BDU style pant with belt (3 pairs)


Uniform Jackets


High Top Composite Work Boots (Magnum or Tactical type on First day of class)


Upon Successful Course Completion: (Approximate Expenses.)

National Registry Application and Testing Center Fee


California EMS Authority Central Registry Live Scan

California Dept. of Justice & FBI Background Investigation

(Report data cannot be shared between agencies, separate reports needed)




Choose a County to Work in e.g.

Riverside California Department of Justice & FBI Background Live Scan Finger Printing

Authorization in Riverside to Work




DMV Ambulance Certification with DOJ/FBI Background

Live Scan Finger Printing

DMV Ambulance Handbook




Total Cost for EMS Program