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EMS Expenses

Student Medical Expenses: (These are all approximate)
Note: The following information must be uploaded into the Immunization Tracker along with any/all lab results.

Item Cost

Castle for Background check

$  62.00

Physical Statement (downloaded from the website)

$ 200-400

Proof of COVID-19, MMR, Varicela, HepB, Tdap, Flu, TB (PPD),  

Proof of Current CPR Card (Must be American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Certification)

$  60-65

​Healthcare Provider Services Organization (HPSO) Liability Insurance ​$25.00

: (Expenses are subject to change.)

6 units at $46 per unit


Textbooks Required
: (Subject to change. See current course syllabus.)






Equipment Required
: (Approximate Expenses.)

The following equipment must be purchased prior to going out into your field internship.

College Name Tag (First one free)

$    0.00


$  20.00 & up

MSJC Intern Polo Shirt (Red)

$  25.00

Black or Navy Uniform Pants

$  65.00

N95 Masks

$  20.00 & up

Eye Protection (Clear plastic or polycarbonate)

$  20.00

Black or Blue NFPA 1951 Work Helmet


Jacket NFPA 1999 EMS Standard



High Top Work Boots (Magnum or Tactical type)

$  25.00 & up

Nitril Gloves (1 box)

$  15.00

Upon Successful Course Completion
: (Approximate Expenses.)

National Registry Application and Testing Center Fee    

$  80.00


California EMS Authority Central Registry

Live Scan

California Dept. of Justice & FBI Background Investigation

(Report data cannot be shared between agencies, separate reports needed)

$  75.00

$  15.00

$  54.00

Choose a County to Work in e.g.

Riverside California Department of Justice & FBI Background Live Scan  

Finger Printing        

Authorization in Riverside to Work

$  69.00



$  25.00 & up

DMV Ambulance Certification with DOJ/FBI Background

Live Scan Finger Printing   

DMV Ambulance Handbook

$  67.00

$  32-35

$    5.00

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