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Emergency Medical Services

Effective Spring 2022 Semester

All students applying for Nursing, DMS, EMS, CNA and MA are required to have proof of completed COVID-19 vaccine and booster. This is a requirement to enter clinical facilities as well as take face-to-face classes at MSJC.


EMS course is now located in the San Jacinto Campus

1. Download Pre-registration Application Packet and fill out during the ​​EMS Application Filing Period.  The updated and current application will always be available at the beginning of the current application period.

2. Submit documents via the link below. Upload under the category "Emergency Medical Technician Documents"

3. Once your application is accepted you will receive correspondece from the department to your personal and/or student email account with the acceptance packet.


Deadline to submit complete Preregistration Application Packet

Fall Deadline is June 2nd - Packets available beginning May 2nd

Spring Deadline is November 3rd - Packets available beginning October 3rd

Term Application Period and Deadline Acceptance Packet Deadline


May 2, 2022 to June 2, 2022 July 15th
Spring October 3, 2022 to November 3, 2022  December 15th


Submit Documents Online Here



1. Once you click on the Submit Documents Online Here box below, you will be take to the submission page. 

2. Please enter your personal information then scroll down to select your program from the list.  When you click on your program it will expand with options for uploading. 

3. Please choose the type of document or leave it blank.  Then click the attachments button to upload your documents. 

4. Once your documents are attached scroll down to the bottom of the page and click submit in the bottom left. 

NOTE:  You are responsible to submit to the correct department.  If you submit to the wrong department we are unable to retrieve your documents and they are considered as not submitted.

For assistance with any part of the submission process please visit our Welcome Center


Program Description

​The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program is a one semester, non-transfer course provides the student with the knowledge and skills to care for the ill or injured person in Emergency settings. This course is taken to help the student prepare for working with fire service or ambulance service. It is also a first step for those individuals who would prefer to work in a hospital emergency department as an emergency department technician. Completion of this course qualifies the student to sit for the National Registry certification exam which is a required certification for Fire Service or Ambulance service work. Hospital clinical, ambulance, and/or squad ride-along required.

Individuals who wish to take this course must have a criminal free background due to licensing restrictions imposed by national, state and local licensing agencies. The potential student must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. Clinical/field internship hours are required. This course is a positive attendance course due to national, state and local mandates.

This program is approved by the county and state:

  • Riverside County Emergency Medical Service Agency Approved
  • California Emergency Medical Services Authority Approved


​Program Requirements

NOTE: The Student Health Center is able to help our Nursing & Allied Health students complete the requirements to start their program.  A Physician Assistant is available by appointment on Wednesdays from 8:30am-5pm (alternating campuses) and can do program physicals. Feel free to contact them for more information via email or call (951) 465-8371.

Program requirements found in the acceptance packet include the following

  1. American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Certification (CPR Card)
  2. Medical Examination
  3. Proof of the following Immunizations:
    • COVID-19
    • MMR
    • Varicella
    • HepB
    • Tdap
    • Flu
    • TB (PPD)
  4. Certified Background Check through CastleBranch


​Program Enrollment Process

  1. Must have an MSJC student ID number.  Apply for admissions here.

  2. Download Preregistration Application Packet and fill it out.  

  3. Please scan all documents as one file and submit to the "Submit Documents Here" button.  Note: You can use your phone if you do not have access to a scanner.  Use the free application Adobe Scan and save the document as a PDF.


 ​Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use clinical reasoning when verbalizing and demonstrating the proper techniques used when ventilating an adult manikin.
  • Pass the National Emergency Medical Technician exam.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use all the medications that are in the EMT scope of practice.
  • Synthesize and explain the physiological effects of hypoxia on both the molecular and cellular level in a patient that presents with hypoxia.
  • Analyze and employ safe scene practices while working at the scene of a traffic collision on the freeway.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and respect for all patients, coworkers, bystanders and assisting agencies in the performance of their duty as cited in the National Emergency Medical Technician code of ethics and behavior. 


        Contact by phone 951-639-5577 or email if you have any questions.