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Online Honors Program Application

Directions for Online Honors Application:  

The application to apply to the Honors Enrichment Program is now online.  Before beginning the application process, please be aware that you will need to complete your online application in one sitting.  Additionally, the online system will time out if the screen remains idle for too long and you will lose your work. Therefore, please consider assembling the following documents before you begin:  

Documents Needed for Part II: Status of Applicant Section of the Application: 

  • An electronic copy of your unofficial high school or college transcripts 
  • A copy of your Education Plan (or you can list five Honors classes you are interested in taking directly on the application)  

Documents Needed for “Apply using one of the following options” Section of the Application: 

Applicants will choose one of four ways to apply for the program: 

  • Recommendation and Meeting Option
    • Provide a letter of recommendation from teacher, counselor, or principal and meeting with Co-Director.
  • Portfolio and Meeting Option 
    • Upload three examples of your work (i.e. research papers, assignments, artwork, video recording of performance, etc.). 
  • Qualifying GPA and Contact Names Option 
    • Provide names and email addresses of two instructors who could comment on your academic work.  
  • Veteran Status Option 
    • Provide an email from the Veterans Center that states you have been in contact with the Veterans Center. 

Personal Statement:

All application options require that you submit a short essay (no more than 250 words) responding to the following prompt. We recommend that before beginning the online application, you write your brief essay in Word or another word processing application and then cut and paste it into the online application when prompted. The essay prompt is: 

  • The Honors Enrichment Program core values are inclusivity, leadership, academic rigor and research, engagement, positive transgressive behavior (as evidenced by creativity, innovation, risk taking, challenging norms and standard narratives), and holistic well-being. Which of these value or values resonates with you, and what have you done or what do you want to do that somehow relates to this value or these values? 

Ready to Apply?

Apply Online Now

Access the Letter of Recommendation Submission Upload here:

Students who are applying under the Recommendation and Meeting Option can share the link above with their recommender to upload their letter.