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Current List of Honors Courses

Note: Below is a list of Board Approved Curricula. Not all classes are taught every semester. Some classes are taught rarely. Please check with department chairs, honors coordinators and/or counselors to determine if a particular class will be offered in an upcoming semester. 

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Accounting 124H: Honors Financial Accounting-Principles of Accounting I 

Accounting 125H: Honors Managerial Accounting-Principles of Accounting II 

Administration of Justice 102H:  Honors Introduction to Criminal Justice 

Anthropology 101H: Honors Physical Anthropology 

Anthropology 102H: Honors Cultural Anthropology 

Anthropology 104H: Honors World Prehistory 

Anthropology 125H: Honors Magic, Witchcraft and Religion 

Anthropology 145H: Honors Introduction to Language and Linguistics 

Art 101H:  Honors Art History: Prehistoric Through Medieval Art 

Art 102H:  Honors Art History: Renaissance to 21st Century Art 

Art 103H:  Honors Introduction to Modernism 

Art 104H:  Honors World Art 

Biology 100H:   Honors Human Biology 

Biology 115H:  Honors Introductory Topics in Biology: Cells to Ecosystems 

Biology 125H:  Honors Microbiology 

Biology 128H:  Honors History of Science 

Biology 131H:  Honors Genes and Biotechnology in Society 

Biology 144H:  Honors Plant Biology 

Biology 150H:  Honors General Biology I 

Biology 151H:  Honors General Biology II 

Bus. Administration 103H: Honors Introduction to Business 

Bus. Administration 104H: Honors Business Communications 

Child Development 110H: Honors Child Development 

Child Development 125H: Honors Child, Family and Community 

Child Development 131H:  Honors Children’s Literature 

Chemistry 101H: Honors General Chemistry I 

Chemistry 113H: Honors Organic Chemistry II 

Communication Studies 100H:  Honors Public Speaking 

Communication Studies 103H:  Honors Interpersonal Communication 

Communication Studies 104H:   Honors Advocacy and Argument 

Communication Studies 108H:  Honors Intercultural Communication 

Economics 201H: Honors Principles of Macroeconomics 

Economics 202H: Honors Principles of Microeconomics 

Education 132H:  Honors Adolescent Literature 

English 101H:  Honors College Composition 

English 103H:  Honors Critical Thinking and Writing 

English 130H:  Honors Introduction to Creative Writing 

Environmental Studies 100H: Honors Humans and Scientific Inquiry 

Environmental Studies 101H: Honors Environmental Science 

Environmental Studies 102H: Honors Environmental Science Laboratory 

Ethnic Studies 103H Honors Ethnic Politics in America 

Ethnic Studies 113H Honors Introduction to Black Studies 

Ethnic Studies 160H Honors Black History in the American Context 

Ethnic Studies 240H Honors American Indian Literature 

Ethnic Studies 275H Honors Latinx/Chicanx Literature 

Ethnic Studies 280H Honors Multiethnic Literature 

History 101H:   Honors Western Civilization to 1650 

History 102H:  Honors Western Civilization Since 1650 

History 103H:   Honors World History to 1500 

History 104H:  Honors World History Since 1500 

History 106H:  Honors the World Since 1900 

History 107H:  Honors the History of East Asia Before 1600 

History 108H:       Honors the History of East Asia Since 1600 

History 111H:  Honors U.S. History to 1877 

History 112H:  Honors U.S. History Since 1865 

History 115H:  Honors Women in United States History 

History 117H:  Honors History of India 

History 120H:  Honors California History 

History 124H:  Honors Recent America: The US Since 1945 

History 128H:  Honors History of Science 

History 140H:  Honors History of Mexico 

History 150H:  Honors Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in U.S. History 

History 160H:  Honors Black History in the American Context 

HEP 201:  Honors Studies: Humanities 

HEP 202:  Honors Studies: Social Sciences 

HEP 203:  Honors Studies: Science 

Literature 106H: Honors Introduction to Literature 

Literature 131H: Honors Children’s Literature 

Literature 132H: Honors Adolescent Literature 

Literature 205H: Honors World Folklore and Mythology 

Literature 207H: Honors American Literature: Pre-Colonial to 1865 

Literature 208H: Honors American Literature: 1865 to Present 

Literature 225H: Honors Film and Literature 

Literature 230H: Honors English Literature:  Anglo-Saxon To 1775 

Literature 231H: Honors English Literature:  1775 to Present 

Literature 240H: Honors American Indian Literature 

Literature 255H: Honors Gender and Sexuality in Literature 

Literature 260H: Honors Introduction to African American Literature 

Literature 275H:   Honors Latinx/Chicanx Literature 

Literature 280H: Honors Multiethnic Literature 

Math 105H:  Honors College Algebra 

Math 211H:  Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 

Math 212H:  Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 

Math 213H:  Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 

Math 215H:  Honors Differential Equations 

Music 100H:  Honors Introduction and Appreciation of Music 

Music 107H:   Honors Introduction and Appreciation of American Music 

Music 108H:   Honors History of Jazz and Blues 

Nutrition 100H: Honors Family Nutrition 

Nutrition 101H:  Honors Introduction to Nutrition Science 

Philosophy 101H: Honors Introduction to Philosophy I 

Physics 202H:   Honors Electricity and Magnetism 

Political Science 101H:  Honors Introduction to American Government and Politics 

Political Science 102H:  Honors Comparative Politics and Government 

Political Science 103H:  Honors Ethnic Politics in America 

Political Science 105H:  Honors Introduction to Political Theory 

Political Science 106H:  Honors Introduction to International Relations 

Political Science 120H:  Honors California Government 

Psychology 101H:  Honors Introduction to Psychology 

Psychology 103H:  Honors Human Development 

Psychology 104H:   Honors Psychology of Gender 

Psychology 105H:  Honors Social Psychology 

Psychology 107H:  Honors Psychobiology 

Psychology 108H:  Honors Abnormal Psychology 

Psychology 124H: Honors Social Research Methodology with Lab 

Social Justice 101H: Honors Introduction to Social Justice Studies 

Social Justice 113H: Honors Introduction to Black Studies 

Sociology 101H: Honors Principles of Sociology 

Sociology 105H: Honors Social Psychology 

Theater 101H:  Honors Introduction to Theater 

Theater 137H:   Honors Introduction to World Cinema 


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