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Current List of Honors Courses

Note: This is a list of Board Approved Curricula. Not all classes are taught every semester. Some classes are taught rarely. Please check with department chairs, honors coordinators and/or counselors to determine if a particular class will be offered in an upcoming semester.

Accounting 124H:  Honors Financial Accounting-Principles of Accounting I 

Accounting 125H:  Honors Managerial Accounting-Principles of Accounting II 

Administration of Justice 102H:  Honors Introduction to Criminal Justice

Anthropology 101H:  Honors Physical Anthropology 

Anthropology 102H:  Honors Cultural Anthropology 

Anthropology 104H:  Honors World Prehistory 

Anthropology 125H:    Honors Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

Anthropology 145H:  Honors Introduction to Language and Linguistics 

Art 101H:   Honors Art History: Prehistoric Through Medieval Art 

Art 102H:   Honors Art History: Renaissance to 21st Century Art 

Art 103H:   Honors Introduction to Modernism 

Art 104H:   Honors World Art 

Biology 100H:    Honors Human Biology 

Biology 115H:   Honors Topics in Biology 

Biology 125H:   Honors Microbiology 

Biology 128H:   Honors History of Science 

Biology 131H:   Honors Genes and Biotechnology in Society 

Biology 144H:   Honors Plant Biology

Biology 150H:   Honors General Biology I 

Biology 151H:   Honors General Biology II 

Bus. Administration 103H: Honors Introduction to Business 

Bus. Administration 104H: Honors Business Communications

Chemistry 101H:  Honors General Chemistry I

Chemistry 113H:  Honors Organic Chemistry II

Child Development 110H: Honors Child Development 

Child Development 125H: Honors Child, Family and Community 

Child Development 131H:  Honors Children’s Literature 

Communication Studies 100H: Honors Public Speaking 

Communication Studies 103H: Honors Interpersonal Communication 

Communication Studies 104H: Argumentation and Debate 

Communication Studies 108H: Honors Intercultural Communication 

Economics 201H:   Honors Principles of Macroeconomics 

Economics 202H:   Honors Principles of Microeconomics 

Education 132H:   Honors Adolescent Literature 

English 101H:   Honors College Composition 

English 103H:   Honors Critical Thinking and Writing 

English 130H:   Honors Introduction to Creative Writing 

Environmental Studies 100H: Honors Humans and Scientific Inquiry 

Environmental Studies 101H: Honors Environmental Science

Environmental Studies 102H: Honors Environmental Science Laboratory  

Ethnic Studies 103H:  Honors Ethnic Politics in America

Ethnic Studies 160H:  Honors Black History in American Context 

Ethnic Studies 275H:  Honors Latinx/Chicanx Literature 

Ethnic Studies 280H:  Honors Multiethnic Literature 

History 101H:   Honors Western Civilization to 1650

History 102H:   Honors Western Civilization Since 1650

History 103H:    Honors World History to 1500 

History 104H:   Honors World History Since 1500 

History 106H:   Honors the World Since 1900 

History 107H:   Honors the History of East Asia Before 1600

History 108H:   Honors the History of East Asia Since 1600 

History 111H:   Honors U.S. History to 1877 

History 112H:   Honors U.S. History Since 1865 

History 115H:   Honors Women in United States History 

History 117H:   Honors History of India 

History 120H:   Honors California History 

History 124H:   Honors Recent America: The US Since 1945 

History 128H:   Honors History of Science 

History 140H:   Honors History of Mexico 

History 150H:   Honors Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in U.S. History 

History 160H:   Honors Black History in the American Context 

HEP 201:   Honors Studies: Humanities 

HEP 202:   Honors Studies: Social Sciences 

HEP 203:   Honors Studies: Science 

Literature 106H:  Honors Introduction to Literature 

Literature 131H:  Honors Children’s Literature 

Literature 132H:  Honors Adolescent Literature 

Literature 205H:  Honors World Folklore and Mythology 

Literature 207H:  Honors American Literature: Pre-Colonial to 1865 

Literature 208H:  Honors American Literature: 1865 to Present 

Literature 225H:  Honors Film and Literature 

Literature 230H:  Honors English Literature:  Anglo-Saxon To 1775 

Literature 231H:  Honors English Literature:  1775 to Present 

Literature 240H:  Honors American Indian Literature 

Literature 255H:  Honors Gender and Sexuality in Literature

Literature 260H:  Honors Introduction to African American Literature 

Literature 275H:    Honors Latinx/Chicanx Literature

Literature 280H:  Honors Multiethnic Literature 

Math 105H:   Honors College Algebra 

Math 211H:   Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 

Math 212H:   Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 

Math 213H:   Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 

Math 215H:   Honors Differential Equations 

Music 100H:   Honors Introduction and Appreciation of Music 

Music 107H:    Honors Introduction and Appreciation of American Music 

Music 108H:    Honors History of Jazz and Blues 

Nutrition 100H:  Honors Family Nutrition 

Nutrition 101H:   Honors Nutrition and Foods 

Philosophy 101H:  Honors Introduction to Philosophy I 

Physics 202H:    Honors Electricity and Magnetism 

Political Science 101H:  Honors Introduction to American Government and Politics 

Political Science 102H:  Honors Comparative Politics and Government 

Political Science 103H:  Honors Ethnic Politics in America 

Political Science 105H:  Honors Introduction to Political Theory 

Political Science 106H:  Honors Introduction to International Relations 

Political Science 120H:  Honors California Government 

Psychology 101H:   Honors Introduction to Psychology 

Psychology 103H:   Honors Human Development 

Psychology 104H:    Honors Psychology of Gender 

Psychology 105H:   Honors Social Psychology 

Psychology 107H:   Honors Psychobiology 

Psychology 108H:   Honors Abnormal Psychology 

Psychology 124H:  Honors Social Research Methodology with Lab 

Social Justice Studies 101H: Honors Introduction to Social Justice Studies

Sociology 101H:  Honors Principles of Sociology 

Sociology 105H:  Honors Social Psychology 

Theater 101H:   Honors Introduction to Theater 

Theater 137H:    Honors Introduction to World Cinema 


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