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Alternate Media

What is Alternate Media?
Alternate media is an alternative medium or format of the original material and the purpose of Alternate Media is universal design for learning and equal access.

This includes instructional materials, textbooks, and college publications, which are converted into accessible formats for students with disabilities.

Examples of Alternate (ALT) Media Provided by the ASC:

  • Braille
  • Tactile graphics
  • Electronic text (e-text)
  • Audio files
  • Large print

How to Submit an Alternate Media Request

In order to receive course materials in alternate formats, you must be a current the ASC student with this approved accommodation.

If you feel that you are in need of additional accommodations, please call or stop by our office so we can better assist you.

Step 1 - Submit your Request for Services.

Step 2 - Once you are registered for classes and all required course materials (e.g. textbooks) have been purchased, complete the Alternate Media Request Form. Students will need to submit this form for each item that needs to be converted.

Step 3 - Bring the course materials (e.g. textbooks) you are requesting with proof of purchase to the ASC office. Alt Media requests will not be completed until proof of purchase and the actual item has been reviewed by ASC Staff.


Copyright Infringement Laws require students provide Proof of Purchase before receiving their Alternate Media materials. If an original receipt is unavailable, the student may sign a document stating that he or she owns the textbook. ​