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Academic Equivalency

Chancellor's Handbook: California Community Colleges Minimum Qualifications 2023

MSJC Equivalency Policy and Procedures

MSJC Petition for Equivalence (must be completed by applicant)

Guidance Document - CTE Minimum Qualifications & Equivalency

Summary of Equivalency Process Performed by Human Resources:

  1. HR reviews application and notes Petition for Equivalence
  2. HR saves a digital copy of applicant’s entire petition paperwork (application, petition, transcripts, letters of recommendation & resume)
  3. Utilizing the posted Department Chair list, determine two applicable Chairs (from different campus, whenever possible). If two Department Chairs are not available, HR will contact the Executive Senate President for additional name(s)
  4. HR sends Department Chairs an email that includes the applicant’s petition, the MSJC Equivalency policy, and the Internal Approval: Discipline Review Form to complete; Chairs have one week to respond. If Department Chairs do not respond within one week, the application automatically goes on the Equivalency Committee’s next available agenda and chairs may attend to speak to the particular application. Once two Department Chairs, or other designees, send in the completed form, HR creates a revised packet for the applicant that includes this form
  5. HR sends a detailed email to Equivalency Committee with the applicant’s petition and Department Chair forms
  6. Once the Equivalency Committee reaches a decision, the applicant is notified. If petition is approved, the applicant is notified of the approval and their application is referred to the department hiring manager(s).  If the petition is denied, the applicant receives an email notification regarding the denial status
  7. If the applicant is selected for a position, hire is contingent upon final approval by the Board of Trustees.